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Andrew Thiermann

Director of Customer Success

Improving Processes

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You’ve done the work to prepare and implement your process so you’re good to go and can let them run for the foreseeable future, right? Not so fast! Processes benefit from continuous improvement to ensure they keep adding value to your organization. But what needs to be changed, how often should you review your processes, how do you make sure... Continue reading...

Managing Process Change Effectively

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Change management is a critical component that can ensure a process’ success or its failure when implemented. Using a structured approach to transition the current state of things to a desired future you can minimize the possibility for negative outcomes and increase positive results. Through change management you can reduce pushback by those impacted, increase engagement with the process, and... Continue reading...

Mapping Process Elements

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Note: For the purposes of this article we’re going to assume you’re the process owner or that you have organizational approval to start digging into processes. Correctly mapping your process ensures that it will meet your defined goals. In an earlier blog we covered what to consider before mapping your process. If that’s clear, let’s look at how to map... Continue reading...

Process Considerations

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What to consider when thinking about a process: What is process? On the surface the question is very straightforward: A process is a series of tasks, performed in order to reach a defined goal. That goal can be reached in a variety of ways and increasingly can be improved upon by inserting systems or other methods of automation. If you... Continue reading...

Defining Goals

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Defining the goal. This is, without a doubt, the most important place to start when wanting to create, implement and execute on process automation and improvement. Lack of a clear goal will lead to inefficiency and confusion. Individuals can have varied perspectives about what is trying to be achieved and why this undertaking is occurring. In the end, the lack... Continue reading...