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Andy Fanning

VP Enterprise Services

Andy is the official Chief Wakesurfing Officer at Catalytic. He happens to also lead our Enterprise Services group. Previously Andy led the Automation and AI Consulting business at Genpact. During this time at Genpact he created the Intelligent Automation Center of Excellence for dozens of Fortune 100 companies. Andy has worked as a CEO for a gamification subsidiary of Cognizant, and has been the enterprise architect for some of the largest IT systems in the world; including the global logistics system for a very large retailer.

COE Brass Tacks

center-of-excellence robotic-process-automation strategy
I just read another “whitepaper” on why you need an Automation Center of Excellence. Although I agree with the overall sentiment that a COE is required - the sheer number of pages used would indicate that we are creating a government contract to build a wall. I will try to give you all the answers to your COE questions in... Continue reading...