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Jeff Grisenthwaite

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Upgrading Procurement & Supply Chain with Catalytic Automation

procurement digital-transformation
Within large enterprises, procurement and supply chain management are faced with the challenge of containing costs, reducing risk, and achieving better results through suppliers, while struggling with insufficient headcount and resources to manage a complex sea of purchases and vendors. While budgets may have increased slightly in the past year for some departments, most feel like they still have too... Continue reading...

Return on Automation

ai digital-transformation analysis
We are firm believers in pragmatic use of AI and automation. These technologies are not magical pixie dust—they will not instantly transform your business, nor will they become your perfect digital assistant overnight. What they will do, though, is enable you to dramatically reduce manual effort and improve business outcomes for the right use cases. Finding the right use case... Continue reading...

Integrating Systems is Like Crossing a River

strategy integration
A large healthcare customer of ours recently used a fantastic metaphor to describe different methods to connect enterprise systems. Imagine you are responsible for getting people across a river from one city to another. You have different options for getting the people across the river: Suspension Bridge Fast, reliable traffic between the cities Ferry Boat Reliable transit, but forces people... Continue reading...

Implementing AI in 3 Steps

ai machine-learning how-to
On a daily basis, we read about the upsurge in artificial intelligence (AI) taking on more complex tasks in the workplace. But for many employees, AI hasn’t emerged to affect their day-to-day lives at work, and they continue to spend hours every week on activities that could be augmented or automated by AI using currently available technology. One of the... Continue reading...