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Sean Chou

CEO and Co-Founder

As CEO, Sean leads the charge on our product design and company strategy, building relationships with potential customers and channels, and engaging with our awesome investors.

Salesforce Woes? Boom!

case-study sales
On Wednesday, while on a flight, I was chatting with Ian, one of our awesome product managers, about how I’d love to have a Pushbot send me our Salesforce reports in Slack. As someone constantly on the move, I’m 80% on my iPhone or iPad. I’m a big fan of Salesforce. It’s a great system of record for sales activities,... Continue reading...

Humans in the Loop...Ugh!

digital-transformation future-of-work
Humans in the loop. In the automation industry, this phrase is actually a thing. A widely-used and accepted phrase. And it’s so cringe-worthy.[1] It sounds like something from a dystopian future where our robot overlords think of humans as an intrusion in their environment. An undesirable disruption to an otherwise flawless system. This would be just be a wry comment;... Continue reading...

Why the world needs Pushbot.

future-of-work strategy
We have a saying around here at Catalytic. “Let people be people, and machines be machines.” It seems obvious, but, it also seems, in our fascination with AI, we have forgotten this simple rule of thumb. Instead, we (try to) create AI that pretends to be human, often with cringe-worth and/or creepy results. At the same time, we force people... Continue reading...