Introducing the Catalytic Certification Program

Sophie Thompson

Sophie Thompson

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45% of work processes could be automated using existing technology, yet only 17% of global executives are ready to implement bots and AI into their workplace.[1] The disparity between those two statistics is a reminder that finding the time and skills to implement automation is hard. From identifying the right opportunities for automation to finding the right people to build it, tackling even the simplest processes can be challenging.

This statistic has always rubbed me the wrong way. I know that with the right tools, automating processes can be easy - so how do we best equip our users with those tools? As its name suggests, the mission of our Customer Enablement Team is to empower our users to take on even their most pesky processes. It was with that goal in mind that we set out to build a full suite of training options for Catalytic users, designed with our observations and experiences with users in mind.

Time and again we’ve seen that almost all Catalytic users fall into one of four categories. This new suite of training options caters specifically to each of those categories, enhancing and adding to the natural skills of the users within each.

We’re very pleased to introduce the Catalytic Certification Program - a comprehensive program designed to train Catalytic users to become experts in process discovery, management, and/or building. Moreover, the variety of training options now available to users will allow them to personalize their Catalytic knowledge to meet their personal and professional goals. This new, expanded training curriculum will equip users with the tools they need to be leaders in process and Catalytic at their organizations.

The Catalytic Certification Program is divided into four paths, mirroring the natural distinctions we’ve seen in our existing users:

1. New User Training - A 30-minute training designed for all beginner users. The New User Training is the perfect introduction to Catalytic navigation, task completion, and commonly vocabulary.

2. Process Designer Certification - A 2-hour training designed for process and efficiency geeks. Users who earn the Process Designer Certification will learn to identify good opportunities for Catalytic and funnel them to process builders.

3. Process Owner Certification - A 2-hour training designed for users who will manage Catalytic processes ongoing. After earning this Certification, they will be self-sufficient in making minor modifications, troubleshooting, and reporting.

4. Process Builder Certification - Our most in-depth certification, this 5-day (1 ½ classroom instruction and 3 ½ virtual homework) training is designed for users who want to become experts in Catalytic process building. They will understand the full power of the Catalytic functionality and be the go-to experts at their organizations.

A user who completes all four of these badges earns the “Catalyst” badge and is equipped to act as the organization’s technologist, internal consultant, and automation evangelist.

The combination of a Process Designer, Process Owner, and Process Builder is the real process dream team. With each of these roles covered on your team, you can begin to close the divide between automation technology in theory and in reality. To learn more about the Catalytic Certification Program, reach out to your Catalytic representative to get started.

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